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The Greatest Drinking Game Of All Time Comes To Your iPhone and iPad.

Download it from the App Store today by clicking here and “like” the official Facebook page for updates: facebook.com/CarryMeHomeGame

That’s a very bold statement, I know, but is this the best drinking game of all time? I say with some confidence that the wait is finally over… Carry Me Home was a card game released in the mid-noughties that not a lot of people know about, but those that were lucky enough to get a copy will tell you it was “really really really really really good.” Probably. The problem was that drinking games get messy and cards are made of, well, card – so you’d be lucky to get three games out of it before you were playing some kind of drunken game of ‘decipher the smudged black ink on mangled paper mache.’ Years later, after the game had all but turned into a hazy memory of a couple of hilarious nights, it’s back. This time the cards won’t fade and peel; this one will cost you a tenth of the price; this one features music and a voiceover – this one is an all-singing, all-dancing app!

The game, invented when the iPhone was a mere apple in the eye of.. err.. Apple, was almost a premonition of what the perfect party app should be. Yeah, there are drinking games in the App Store but they’re a bit shit aren’t they? They are half-arsed rehashes of the kind of thing that you could do yourselves with a deck of cards; but Carry me Home is the real deal. It has been planned and designed by good minds and a sense of humour shines through that would be lost on the majority of apps. This app has been lovingly crafted by people who wanted to make, genuinely, the most fun and social game that you can get in the App Store. Move over Angry Birds, you can now play with your mates in a fun and interactive way – and get sozzled at the same time!

You can keep up with news on future releases and updates and have your say at www.facebook.com/CarryMeHomeGame

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So how does it work?

The object of the game is (aside from getting tipsy and having a massive laugh with your mates) to be the player holding the Carry Me Home Trophy at the end of the game. It’s an app so it obviously doesn’t come with a trophy, so the game encourages you to use any old thing – a beer mat will be fine. The first player shakes the phone and the app selects a card at random from a bank of well over 200 cards all of which carry their own unique and hilarious instruction from the very simple (and, yeah this one’s probably not that hilarious) “Propose a Toast” to a tense battle against the clock to name 8 capital cities to avoid drinking a double. From time to time players encounter Trophy Challenges. These give the player a chance to challenge to take the trophy and then defend it to the end of the game. I don’t want to give too much away on these but it puts the competitive edge in there that really brings the game to life!

You can get a lite version that will give you a feel for the game but it is a set 12 cards and really is just a taster; the bottom line is you HAVE to buy this app – you can play it 100 times and because of the random card selection you will never play the same game twice. With the app out on iPhone, iPod and iPad now and an Android version just round the corner, it is an absolute must and there will be spin offs with different themes to look forward to.

Genuine guarantees are very hard things to issue . However, i’ll stick my neck out and suggest that this will be the best drinking game you have ever played. Drink safe though people!

Download it here: http://www.quapps.co.uk/carry-me-home-iphone-app.php